Changzhou Fulong Business Management Co., Ltd. is one of the core subsidiary of the Group of Changzhou,. It is a national chain of business management business, with a hundred people in the business management team. It  is responsible for management of Changzhou to made a large real estate development company commercial shopping centers , office buildings and other types of property projects. Changzhou Fulong business management company has extensive business resources and strong operational management. Its property management area has more than one million square meters. This  has became one of the core competitive advantage to Changzhou changfa.

Unique business model

We committed to promoting the urbanization process in China, based on second and third tier cities, creating a set of shopping, dining, leisure, recreation, entertainment, business, and culture in one of the ultra-large-scale international fashion consumer experience center named Changfa square to meet the people’s dreams and  needs . We have high-quality commercial properties, and promote capital appreciation to ensure sustainable development.  We strive to become China's leading commercial real estate brand. 

Professional commercial real estate operators

Concerning about the commercial projects ,  Fulong business conduct a comprehensive research to clear market positioning and project plan format;  investment schemes, investment conditions, the classification of investment channels, the standardization of investment. Fulong Fulong business Cooperate with many well-known businesses and it has a lot of  commercial resources. It is very important for commercial cooperation.

Keep long-term strategic cooperation with well-known brands at home and abroad

Introduce Tesco, WAL-MART, KFC, Pizza Hut and other world top 500 enterprises and domestic numerous brands, and keep a long-term strategic cooperative partnership.With the help of multi format interactive operation and the effect of scale economy,we gathered a huge flow of people, logistics, capital flow and information flow to create more business opportunities for the vast development , to create new ideas, new space for people to experience consumption.

Sustainable operation,  holdcentralized and unified management

Changfa Properties square take centralized held model to manageChangfa square.We integrate the advantage resources of international professional organizations, and we implement "unified planning, unified business, unified promotion, unified management, unified service".We ensure the project’s long-term efficient and orderly operation with five "unification" mode of operation. And the general prosperity of commercial atmosphere has always been our target.